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Carpet Cleaning Specials 

Carpet cleaning is one of many services provided by fabric life services. Below you will find our detailed pricing for all your carpet cleaning needs.

Wall to wall carpet cleaning $350.00 for 3 rooms and stain protector for $275.00

Carpet cleaning staircase     $ 175.00 and stain protector of   $135.00

Stain removal starting at      $ 150.00

We have a minimum of $150.00 for service .

Upholstery cleaning

Our professional Upholstery cleaning will keep your sofas, and chairs clean and spotless without discoloring or fading your fabrics. Fabric life takes pride in complete detail of all our upholstery cleaning. Below you will find our pricing for all your upholstery cleaning needs .

Sofa cleaning $126.00 add stain protector for $249.00 (up to 7 ft )

Sectional sofa $180.00 add stain protector for $335.00 (up to 10ft )

love seat $99.00 add stain protector for $ 150.00 ( up to 5 ft)

Small Chair $ 50.00 add stain guard for $ 25.00

ottoman $ 25.00 add stain guard for $ 25.00 (up to 3 ft)

Dining chairs $20.00 add stain protector for $ 15.00

In-home area rug cleaning

Area rug cleaning should be done at least once a year to keep your area rugs looking new. With our area rug cleaning service we can clean your area rug in your home or pick it up and have them cleaned in warehouse. Pick up for area rug cleaning is always free . Below you will find our pricing for all your area rug cleaning needs.

Area rug cleaning prices start at $3.50 a square foot add stain protector for $1.50 a square foot.

Do you have new area rug and want to protect them with our 4-guard stain protector? Prices start at $2.00 a square foot. Call for free estimate.


Prices are subject to change. one area equals any room up to 300 square feet.For combined living room areas will be considered as two rooms. Areas larger then 300 square feet will be charged additional. Sofa cleaning priced for standard fabrics and up to 7ft not to include leather or high end designer fabrics. For pricing on designer fabrics please call for free estimate .

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